Whats it About!? It's About bloody time! Forge & Craft is about the experience of gaming from the chair. Whats going on in Reality has to match up with the Virtual or the overall user experience suffers. Get ready for good things to come. We have a couple of ground breaking products in the pipeline, but in the mean time we hope you enjoy the gamer gear we've put together here -


We think you'll want to buy from us too because we're big on ethical trading. Not just happy to bring you great,new gamer gear, we understand our responsibility to the planet and people. How do we do this ? Let's outline the ways.

  • Well, most products and the components of those products, do a few laps of the earth before landing on your lap, so carbon emissions are a real downside of buying from overseas. So, we source as close to the end user as possible. This means American printers do most of our Hoodies and T-shirts.
  • No unwanted stock. There's no use in our having piles of stock in sizes we don't know we will sell or not so we wait till you order before we order. Nothing is produced unnecessarily and nothing goes to waste. Warehousing is kept to a minimum and the energy costs associated with same are reduced massively. For this reason it takes a little longer for you to get stuff. All we need your patience to help us deliver on this eco promise and it makes all the difference. Today's fast paced consumer culture  has put serious demands on our climate. Sometimes waiting for a boat or truck can save a huge amount of next day jet fuel. Ask yourself if you really need to get something delivered quicker. Though we love our products and we hope you do too, consider that they are not vital, life-giving insulin, or a new kidney for that matter, so a little longer wait for the sake of cleaner air and less super-storms is a pretty excellent trade off. We would encourage you to choose similarly conscious traders when shopping online.
  • We've chosen to source organic cotton for many of our apparel products and would hope that in time all our clothing will be made from sustainable sources. Though you'll notice the organic t-shirts don't come in a huge variety of colours yet.
  • As for electronic goods these are widely recyclable by your local waste recycling authority.  
  • Trainers are not easily recyclable and few services exist to deal with the 14 billion pairs of footwear sold now each year across the world. We do still have cobblers and the noble shoe repair trade is well equipped to deal with the maintenance of your beloved kicks. So hopefully there is a cobbler near you, theirs is a dying craft but much needed today.

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